Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 乌云密布@__@

今天我看了这些 我清楚知道也很难过

there is alot of thing in this world that we wun be able to understand one
i know you upset lor
i can understand lor
of coz if can who want him to add right
but he choose to add bo bian
dunno wat he thinking also
but i can see alot of thing he still do his way
if you really cannot take it better think twice before you commit
coz you cannot accept who he is and what he do
and on another hand he never tot of change for you
but if you wanna pick all the point out alot to pick lor
nobody is perfect one
when you dislike him on certain thing he also got dislike you in certain way
but one thing you must be clear
from wat i see he wun change anything for you one
maybe you feel sad about tat lor
but this is real
.. .. ..

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